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Made in Your Facility

R-Water is a compact, wall-mounted device that enables facilities to produce two highly-effective disinfecting and cleaning solutions on-site:

  1. TK-60 One-Step Disinfectant. This kills many pathogens, including coronavirus, MRSA, C. diff spores, TB, and black mold in 60-seconds. We use this at APEX in our infection control service arsenal.
  2. FC+ All-Purpose Cleaner. This product powers through stains, dirt, grease, and grime.

In addition to TK60's short contact time and efficacy against a wide range of pathogens, our solutions are produced on site for pennies on the gallon, are nontoxic, and eliminate supply chain concerns.  One device can produce 300 gallons of TK60 and 150 gallons of FC+ every 24 hours.

Talk to us about whether the system is right for your facility.

Read how the City of Austin, Texas is utilizing R-Water


Q: Does this unit comply with the EPA emerging pathogen policy?

A:  Because R-Water is regulated as an antimicrobial device vs an antimicrobial pesticide, the EPA does not list our TK60 product on their list of approved products for emerging pathogens.  However,  the full GLP Testing required by the EPA for one-step healthcare grade disinfectants (antimicrobial pesticides) was completed (link below).   You can request the full GLP Testing of the disinfectant you are considering so that you can do a comparison. Below is the backup as to the product claims.

TK60 Efficacy Overview

Microchem White Paper 

EPA GLP Study (Results -  Page 15) 

Q: What does it cost?

A: R-Water units produce TK60 and FC+ at pennies per gallon, with no shipping concerns and no wasted packaging. Did you know that most cleaning and disinfecting products are mostly water anyway?  Based on the amount of chemistry it offsets, R-Water units make good financial sense for facilities over 250,000 S/F, although many clients have put them in smaller facilities as they wanted to take control of their product inventory.   R-Water units can be purchased or leased on 36-month terms. Contact APEX for a free cost analysis.

Q: What is needed to install one of these?

A: A cold water supply, an RJ-45 jack, and internet connection (for monitoring) and a wet-space, usually a janitorial closet.  R-Water is easily installed by an authorized R-water plumber and your local team will be trained by our representatives. If they can add salt to a unit and flip a switch between the TK-60 and FC+, they can use R-Water! Simple and efficient.

R-Water will help you...

  • Eliminate your inventory constraints
  • Be compliant with EPA emerging pathogen policy (COVID-19) (Learn more)
  • Cost pennies per gallon, versus $20 per gallon for comparative hospital-grade product
  • Eliminate 70-90% of all cleaning chemistry usually provided by housekeeping, lowering long-term costs
  • Make you the hero in your facility!

We want you to be in control of your facility, your cleaning chemistry, your safety.

Contact us for an analysis on how you can save money, reduce dependence on market conditions, and provide your employees peace of mind.