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Square Care Data Center Cleaning


Superior Solutions for Your Data Center Cleaning Needs

Experience | Expertise | Excellence

We are happy to announce that Square Care critical space operations have been integrated into APEX Surface Care's entire footprint. Square Care will continue to operate as such in the Arizona market and as APEX nationally.

Exceeding expectations in safety, security and training since 1990.

No Dust. No Debris. No Downtime.


HEPA/ULPA Triple-Filtered Vacuums


Static-Dissipating Solutions With No VOCs


Trained and Certified Technicians

Remove contaminants down to .03 microns.

Trust in our team. Believe in our process.
Revel in the results.


Our Data Center Cleaning Services

  • Raised Access Floor Cleaning

    Our expert cleaning helps ensure your flooring dissipates static electricity safely and correctly.

Raised Access Floor Cleaning

  • Subfloor Vacuuming

    We extract dust, dirt and debris before they enter your equipment and disrupt your operations.


  • Post-Construction Cleaning

    We remove particles generated during construction so you can install equipment with confidence.

Post-Construction Cleaning

  • Floor Surface Vacuuming

    Attractive and clean floors help keep your data center—and your employees—operating at peak efficiency.

Floor Surface Vacuuming

  • Antistatic Cleaning

    Our antistatic cleaning protocols eliminate contaminants and reduce the risk of downtime.

Antistatic Cleaning

  • CRAC/CRAH Equipment Cleaning

    We help keep your cooling units and other equipment running smoothly and prolong their lifespans.

Electrical Room Unit Cleaning

  • Ceiling Plenum Cleaning

    After carefully removing ceiling tiles, we vacuum up debris before it can fall down into your critical space.

Ceiling Plenum Cleaning

  • Equipment Rack Cleaning

    We eliminate interior and exterior contaminants that could harm circuitry or obstruct airflow.

Equipment Rack Cleaning

  • Light Fixtures Cleaning

    We dust light fixtures by hand using microfiber applicators and an antistatic, non-residue cleaning solution.

Light Fixtures Cleaning

30+ years of excellence. 30+ years of safety.

That’s the Square Care way.


“The one thing I love about Square Care is the type of people that come to clean our facility. They are very professional, respectful, and we have never had a complaint from security since you started 12 years ago.”

Satisfied Client


Other Specialty Care Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Floor Care

Ceramic Tile
& Grout

Natural Stone
& Terrazzo

Wood Floor

Furniture &
Upholstery Care

Polished Concrete Care

Metal Repair
& Refinishing

Building Entry Rental Mats

Overhead Surface Cleaning

Performance Coatings

& Sanitization


“Before we hired Square Care, I would spend 3–4 hours a week walking this facility just to write up areas that had spills or looked bad. Since your team has taken over, I no longer have to walk the facility for this and get back almost a half day a week.”

Satisfied Client

Meet Our Team


Thomas Holland CEO, APEX Surface Care

(817) 601-2250
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Jay Natale Division President

(602) 524-8020
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Brit Hayman VP of Relationship Management

(801) 888-6483
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Erik Lind Vice President, National Accounts

(817) 601-2261
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Candice Lyon Vice President, Finance

(817) 796-9034
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Our Core Values

  • We have a positive, “can do” attitude.
  • We practice open, real communication.
  • We are passionate about doing the right thing.
  • We are resilient and resourceful.
  • We play as a team.

Excellence in Every Step

Design. Fabricate. Install. Maintain. Recycle.

We've got you covered from project inception to reclamation and every step in between with our family of brands.

As an APEX Surface Care Company, Square Care is part of our MBE, B Corp and CIMS certified family of brands. Every company within the family is managed and operated separately, but we work as a team to offer a consolidated pool of knowledge, products and services for our customers, all under a single tax ID.

Each business was built to do business as a Force for Good™ to inspire and advance our local employees and the communities in which they work.


“The reason our clients hire Square Care is because of the way we treat our people and the outstanding safety record we maintain.”

Jay Natale, Division President

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Square Care Data Center Cleaning

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