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Can efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand?

With a strong internal commitment to sustainability, where there’s a will there’s usually a way. And we have a lot of will.

With intelligent processes and a lot of experience, we have spent 20 years honing our most efficient best practices to long-term Earth-friendly solutions.

Take for example our terrazzo process:
While many companies simply wax the terrazzo, again and again, we use a more in-depth process to strip the wax off entirely. Then we hone and polish the terrazzo with a diamond shine until it gleams brilliantly and never needs to be waxed again, nor be subjected to caustic chemicals or excess water for cleaning. Over time, this saves water, staff energy, budget and saves the environment of the caustic waste caused by the wax and strip cycle.

As an individual brand, APEX is consistently redefining and refining its processes to find the most sustainable options. As a family, the brands of Corporate Floors have long been an industry leader in green practices.

In the long term, these solutions pass on significant cost savings—both to you and to the environment.

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